Differences between processed food and unprocessed food


Adults know which food is healthy but it is very common practice to give our babies unhealthy food. Here are some foods that you should not give to your baby.
Unhealthy food is much more harmful to the young babies. Because babies doesn’t need as many calories as an adult need and that can lead to affection on the baby development.
Here are some daily articles that parents shouldn’t give to their children.
Processed Juices
You can’t believe that some parents give to their little babies this kind of juices. There are cases when the baby is seven months old and the parents started to give their baby processed juice, a statistical data that is shared by the American Association of Nutrition back in 2009.
But, this kind of juices doesn’t have any kind of nutrients and on top of that they have a tons of sugar in their composition, which can be very bad for the health of the teeth of your baby.
Squeezed Juices
No matter the fact that they are made from fresh fruits, this kind of juices are not that much healthy. The healthy fibers that the fruit have are lost in the process of squeezing and the only thing that is left is a lot of sugar.
If you make juice from apples or pears to make the baby food more sweet then you must know that that solution is not the best.
The sugars in this kind of juices can speed up the food processing in the baby organism and when the food have a speedy digestion then the body doesn’t have much time to absorb all the necessary nutrients.
The advertising can be sometimes convincing that squeezed juices contain very much Vitamin C but don’t be so easily fooled. If you want your baby to digest this kind of Vitamin then you can give some small piece of fresh fruit to the baby.
Surly you now ask the question what can your baby drink? American Academy of Pediatricians suggests that babies that are younger than six months shouldn’t drink anything else than the mother’s milk or milk formula. Babies that are between 6 and 12 months can drink small amount of water but the mother’s milk or the milk formula should be kept as the main meal. After the baby makes a year you can start giving him cow milk.
These kind of salty crackers are good for your baby so it can learn how to chew and bite but using them the baby will lose its appetite and will not input any nutrients.
Some researches show that one third of the kids below the age of 7 have overdose of sodium in the body.
Processed meals
People often define the processed meals on different ways, but generally, most of the foodstuff is indeed processed. If the composition of one food is with a long list, than that food is indeed processed. If the food is processed than the nutrients are lost and the food becomes unhealthy.
The worst processed food that parents give to their babies is pasta from a can – food that contains a lot of sodium.
Gelatin Desserts
You would be surprised when you will find out that most of the people think that gelatin desserts are healthy food for babies. But that is misleading. Most of the people thinks that the gelatin have many proteins since they are made from animal bones and cartilage, but that is not the case. The thing that you baby consumes with this is just sugar with artificial color and aroma.
The truth is that the gelatin is good for easy swallowing but if this is important to you that please make one spoon with apple juice with added cinnamon.