Natural Mary Goldflower used in baby healing

mary goldflower


Mary Goldflower – powerful herb for healing

Mary Goldflower is known herb that is widely used by everyone. It is used as antiseptic, for infected wounds and open skin wounds. It can stop bleeding and decrease some pains. That is why this herb is given by every pediatrician to be applied as crème for the baby skin.

The German natural cosmetics Weleda uses Mary Goldflower in every one of their article. The crème from Mary Goldflower is used in modern and in classic medicine and can be used on the delicate skin of your babies.

Modern medicine supports the attitude that the gentle baby skin stays longer under the protection of the mother womb and the strongly advise you not the shower your baby too much and to use cosmetics more than it needs. Pediatricians are confident that too much care of the baby skin, as the biggest organ of the body, can lead to allergic reaction.

Some pediatricians suggest to follow mother nature. The more you use detergents, softeners, wet wipes, plastic diapers and other things which composition is unknown are there to be in the way of the process that our body needs to go through. But there are situations where care is needed and there you need to pick things that are in harmony with the nature.

Diaper rush as the most common problem

The diaper rush of the baby is the most common problem. It can be diagnosed in many forms in the area that is covered with the diaper. It can be diagnosed as red dots or as big as eroded surface of the baby which can be followed by continuous development of the microorganisms from urine and stool. If you leave the baby stool or urine long enough in their diaper, in hot environment, they  can affect the baby rush to appear on the skin. Because of that many pediatricians suggest that you always change wet diapers right away and wash your baby gentle with clean water. After washing the baby skin dry the skin and keep it dry. It is very useful, especially in the hot months to remove the diapers and to leave your baby to walk around on the sun. If you see the skin rush begin with treatment right away. Pediatricians will always suggest that you use natural substances that are rich with zing-oxide and mary goldflower grease.