Read about what meat is important to eat during your pregnancy


Meat, together with eggs and fish, are the best source of protein, iron, zinc, coper and Vitamin B12. Here is the list of the most common meat and read what they contain.


Beef is the one meat that contains the highest biological value (which is essential amino acids) – around 80% and they help with the health of the baby. Aside from that, the baby uses iron for the creation of cells, tissue and hemoglobin which are taken from the mother. Because of that the mother can have anemia (this happens often in around 20% of the pregnancy cases). To stop this from happening, pregnant woman needs to consume food that is rich with iron, especially the recorded parts of the beef meat. This kind of meat is also rich with zinc, which is helpful with the creation of the white blood cell count.


This meat contains high amount of proteins, which are helpful with the growth, regeneration and creation of organisms and also calcium (it has more than pork meat). Veal is also rich with zinc, which has a maximum in the leg. Also there is a large concentration of iron and Vitamin B (especially B1, B2 and nicotinic acid) – which are helpful to the organism for releasing energy from foods.


This meat you can easily digest and is perfect for the pregnant woman. This is a great source for proteins, proteins that have more quality than chicken and veal. Apart from that, lamb meat is rich with iron and zinc. Also it is a great source for Vitamin B12, which is excluded from plant food and is necessary for creation of red blood cells count and normal functionality of the nerve system.


The pork meat is a great source of proteins and zinc. Pork meat is rich with calcium which has a great part in the keeping an optimal blood pressure and good heart rhythm. It is also rich with selenium, phosphate and iron which helps the organism with the fight against anemia, and also the Vitamin B (especially B1, B6 and B12).


The chicken meat is essential for amino acids which are necessary for the development of the baby. Chicken also contains iron and other minerals (calcium, phosphate) and has high concentration of Vitamins, especially Vitamins for the B group. Because of its nutrients and easy digestion, The World Healthy Association is recommending that you eat chicken meat as often as you want.


Turkey meat is also a great source of proteins and is rich with calcium, phosphate, magnesium, calcium, selenium and zinc. It contains a great amount of Vitamin B complex. The turkey meat also contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is helpful in creation of serotonin from the body, which is used to calm the body down. That is important for the behavior of the future mom.


The liver meat is the best source of Vitamin A. It is also rich with proteins and iron and also contains folic acid, Vitamin B1, biotin and chrome. But even that many doctors consult you not to take great amount of this kind of meat and that you can only eat it one time in two week period because if you intake too much Vitamin A you can hurt the baby inside you. But this doesn’t mean that you should not eat liver during your pregnancy but you should definitely consult your doctor on how much you can eat from this meat.  

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