Soak baking soda with couple of other ingredients and you’ll be amazed of it’s benefits!


We want to share with you that the baking soda today is one of the most used ingredients in our homes. It is so good that you can use it to fight common daily colds and even cancer. It is also good to be used for your oral hygiene and some people even use to as a deodorant.

This healthy ingredient may be used for treatment and prevention of many health problems such as diarrhea, acidity, drug intoxication, peptic ulcer disease, and metabolic acidosis.

Using baking soda has a lot of benеfits and some properties that protect the skin. Baking soda contains sodium and may prevent hyperkalemia, bladder infections, and kidney stones. If it’s mixed with water the baking soda can be used as a drink and can facilitate muscle pain after a hard workout. Baking soda can be used also to clean dirty surfaces and destroy the nail fungus. It’s a wonderful thing!

And here is another alternative recipe – 1 teaspoon salt and 3 tablespoons of baking soda, an essential oil with a scent of peppermint and only small amount of water.
Mix all ingredients and soak them for 20 minutes and you’ll be amazed how fast your pain and itching will be healed!