Some things that you might don’t know about breastfeeding


You have already heard that the breastfeeding is great for the mother and the child, so we prepared a list about the breastfeeding that you might not know.

No matter if you have breastfeed your baby or you are pregnant and soon will, here are 16 interesting facts about the breastfeeding to help you understand what is really happening during this amazing process.

  1. Every breastmilk has a unique scent and the baby can recognize the milk from its mother and the milk from another lady.
  2. The breastmilk has healing properties so when your breasts hurt from the baby feeding, the milk can reduce your pain. Try to massage your breasts with your own milk and you will see that the pain will go away.
  3. Babies that are feeding with breastmilk have lower chances of the Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  4. You will save a ton of money while breastfeeding
  5. The risk of osteoporosis, heart diseases, breast cancer and ovary cancer can be reduced if you breastfeed your baby.
  6. All mothers can breastfeed their baby even if they are sick – the baby was exposed to the virus or bacteria long before you developed any symptoms for it. Besides that, the breastmilk in that period is good for the baby because your organism during the sickness produces antibodies to fight against the virus and you will transfer them through your milk to the baby.
  7. The amount of breastmilk that is produced is in no relation to the size of your breasts before you got your baby.
  8. Your body can return to the first state (before the pregnancy) because of breastfeeding. The hormones that are produced during breastfeeding can help your uterus to be back in size like before your pregnancy.
  9. While breastfeeding you will lose as much calories as walking 11km.
  10. Babies that are breastfed are rarely sick – not just that the breastmilk is reducing the rist of infections and stomach problems but it reduces the risk of asthma, diabetes, obesity in childhood and in the future.
  11. Through the milk, the babies are gaining sweet taste of the food that you eat and that helps later when you will try to give hard food to the baby.
  12. Today, you can buy breastmilk via the Internet for the price of 4$ for 120ml.
  13. Direct contact skin-to-skin in the first couple of hours with the baby is making the breastfeeding easier. On that way the babies are increasing their instinct for sucking and the mothers breasts can detect if the babies temperature is varying.
  14. In 75% of the cases the right breasts is producing much more milk that the left one.
  15. Breastmilk should never be diluted up. It will change itself regarding the baby needs and if you try to dilute it up you can have a fatal consequences regarding your baby’s health.
  16. The milk is not coming from only one hole of the nipple and the number of holes is varying from one person to another.