Tips and tricks to have a great night sleep during pregnancy


To have a good sleep during your pregnancy can be a difficult mission, but with these helpful tricks from the world experts you can achieve that instantly.

According to the fact presented by the American Sleeping Organization, 80 percent of the pregnant ladies have problems with sleeping.

These advices of the following questions can help you relax and have a good night sleep.

Which is the best sleeping positon for me during mine pregnancy?

Maybe you have heard that you should not sleep on your back, especially if you are during your second trimester and the reason for that is the inferior vein kava – that is the big vein that returns the blood from the lower parts of the body to the heart and that vein is responsible for the blood flow to the organs below the diaphragm. If you sleep on your back during your second trimester than the vein can be under pressure of the uterus and the symptoms can be sweating, pain, dizziness and you can stop the blood flow to your baby.

Many doctors from that reason suggest to you that you sleep on your left side because on that side the blood flow will be good.

To set yourself up for this position and to try not to wake up during the night try to put a pillow between your legs or hug one pillow while you lay on your left site. We suggest that you put a pillow behind your back so you will be sure not to turn around during your sleep.

Can I take something for mu stuffy nose?

Sadly, doctors don’t recommend taking nose drops while you’re pregnant, because you will have problems from the high level of estrogen can make you nose membranes to get bigger. This condition is called pregnancy rhinitis and many future mothers because of that will have difficulties breathing while the lay.

The nose drops are limiting the blood cells, which lead to reducing the blood flow in the nose canals but in the placenta too – suggest D-r. Eric Nickleson from the Medical Center in Baltimore. The nose drops can also lead to high blood pressure. Because of that instead of taking medications try to put another pillow under your head and always to sleep in ventilated room.

How to deal with heartburn during mine pregnancy?

Many pregnant ladies can have heartburn especially in the second trimester. The main culprit for that are the hormones and the uterus that is developing and that makes the stomach acid stays in the esophagus. Antacids, that are used to neutralize the acid and to increase the gastric pH value, are safe to use after the first trimester but before you use them please consult your doctor.

Also, if you don’t want to take medications you can try to eat five or six small meals during the day instead of the three large meals. Don’t eat fried food, chocolate, white and black onion and sour fruits. Also put another pillow under your head while you sleep.

Is it acceptable to take sleeping pills?

Don’t take this medications if they are not prescribed by your doctor and please do stay away from taking melatonin too. Try to change your sleeping habits. Prepare a good bath before you go to sleep and stay away from using electronical devices like tablets and mobile phones before you sleep. Their brightness can affect the natural process of creation melatonin.