Today you can eat a light meal during your delivery


Today you can eat a light meal during your delivery! Find out what kind of things are changed in the last couple of days when the question is delivery.Many women hear that the delivery is something scary. But, the way that our grandmothers deliver the babies and our mothers too are so different to the baby delivery today.Here are some situations compared with the past about the delivery.

Past: C-section was made during the 37th and 38th week.

Now: You need to be at least 39 weeks pregnant to have C-section.

These last couples of weeks are not very pleasant but on that way you might deliver the baby via natural method. The baby that is born before the 39th week can have healthy issues and problems in the development. But some institutions suggest to doctors to wait until the 41st week before performing a C-section.

There is always some exclusion. If there are complications that can affect the baby than the doctor can do the C-section sooner so it can protect the health of the baby and the mom.

Past: During the childbirth the thirst was extinguished with only wetting the lips.

Now: You can drink water and even eat light meal.

Wet gaze was used to extinguish the thirst before 50 years when the women took regular anesthesia when they deliver the baby with C-section. Today many women take epidural od spinal anesthesia. Because of that you can take drinks like water, juice, chicken soup and coffee.

Some doctors even approve the mothers to take light meal. Some researchers suggest that the light meals can make the delivery mom happy during the childbirth. They should keep away from fatty food or some hard digestive food because during the childbirth they can end up vomiting.

Past: Epidural was not given to women that are not open 4-5cm.

Now: You don’t have to wait!

Doctors in the past thought that if you take epidural early you will increase the chance to have a C-section. But new studies confirmed that is not correct. Some studies show that if you take epidural you will have short delivery.

Past: Doctors perform C-section if the childbirth last long enough.

Now: Childbirth can last as much as needed.

The doctors in the past have had a very wrong picture about the childbirth duration – explains D-r. Kohey from Portland. He explains that the doctors and the future moms should be much more patient.

Past: Women that have had C-section will have C-section for every next child.

Now: Doctors suggest that if you have had one baby with C-section then you should deliver the next one via natural way

In the past it was known that if you have had one C-section then you will have another if you stay pregnant again. But now the doctors suggest that after the C-section you will have increased chances to deliver your next baby normally. Every C-section will increase the risk of many complications like excessive bleeding, infections and disorders of the placenta which can be life threatening.  – explains D-r. Kohey.

Past: Doctors were cutting the belly cord immediately.

Now: Doctors cut the belly cord after several minutes.

For many years before the standard procedure was that you cut the belly cord immediately after the delivery. But after several researches show that if you keep the belly cord long enough the baby will have increased iron in the blood. The placenta is pulsing like a heartbeat and in that way it increasing the blood flow in the newborn and that will lower the risk from anemia for as long as six months. The only thing that can happen from the postponement of the cutting the belly cord is that the baby can have jaundice which can be easily threated.