Why exercising?


If you exercise continuously and keep physical condition you will have great prerequisite for great health in your life and during your pregnancy. Other moment is when that physical condition will be put to test is your delivery. If you want your delivery to go smooth you need to be ready. It is the best to be under doctor surveillance and to have trainer to tell you the necessary exercises during your pregnancy. There are programs that can help you with the delivery and they can introduce you to all of the necessary things that will help you during the delivery. There are techniques like the exercising for breathing , stretching, technique for distraction that can help you with pains and thoughts that can interfere with the concentration with woman during delivery, techniques that can help you relax muscles and methods for relaxation.

Don’t give up

Sadly the number of woman that knows these exercises is too low and the number is even lower for the ones that practice this exercises. The excuses are numerous which can be having small amount of information and misleading information that these kind of exercises can lead to preterm delivery or the information that even you exercise your delivery will still hurt. The truthful information about this can be given only by woman that have already been practicing before delivery and they are the only one that can say by fact is this good or not for them and the health for the baby.

There are woman that want but can’t participate in this kind of exercises  because they live far away from the place that the exercises are made, they don’t have time because they still go to work etc. Because of that they might have some problems that are followed by the pregnancy (pain in the back, pain in the neck, swelling in the hands and feet etc.) and this kind of problems will be history if you exercise. You can even do them while at home without supervision of a professional if there are no contradictions. Surly you need to consult your doctor before you start to exercise.

If you have exercised before the pregnancy then you will have an advantage because you will have physical condition. If you will start for the first time to exercise no matter in what month you are during your pregnancy then you need to start slow. If you start having sore muscles then that will mean that you have overworked yourself and you will fell a bigger pain and will stop working.

How to exercise?

Hear your body, the body will tell you how much you can work and what is good for you and when to stop. It is necessary to warm up before you do exercises and to warm down at the end. Mild physical activity will have maximum effect if it is practiced continuously and that mean 3-4 times a week. Don’t overwork yourself if you can’t keep up to 3-4 times a week – do as your body tells you to do. Some woman find exercising great and relaxing because it helps your blood circulation which means that all the toxins go out of your body and you intake extra amount of oxygen.